Enjoy an unforgettable Christmas with UNIQ luxury gift packages. We have prepared a collection of gift packages for you that anyone can chose from. A UNIQ gift package is the perfect gift for a little lady, a young man, a beautiful woman or a real gentleman. Choose from among our Christmas packages at special prices and please yourself and your loved ones.



Gentlemen’s Christmas Pack No. 2

Men’s (UNISEX) fragrance of your choice /6th SENSE aftershave / Diamonds
Discounted price: 34 EUR

Girls’ Christmas Pack No. 1

DEUX Shower Gel / DEUX Body Lotion / DEXU Hand Cream / white wristband M / black wristband M / Diamonds 
Discounted price: 37 EUR

Girls’ Christmas Pack No. 2 

Women’s  (UNISEX) fragrance of your choice / DEUX Shower Gel / white wristband / Diamonds 
Discounted price: 28eur

Boys’ Christmas Pack No. 1

Men’s (UNISEX) fragrance of your choice / wristband / DEUX Shower Gel / Diamonds 
Discounted price: 28eur

Boys’ Christmas Pack No. 2

Beach towel + Opium/Verbena Shower Gel + Diamonds
Discounted price: 30eur

Ladies’ Christmas Pack

DEUX Set / CINQ / Women’s (UNISEX) fragrance of your choice / white wristband M / black wristband M / Diamonds
Discounted price: 111eur


Gentlemen’s Christmas Pack No 1

Men’s (UNISEX) fragrance of your choice / DEUX Hand Cream / DEUX Shower Gel / white wristband L / black wristband L / Diamonds 
Discounted price: 37eur



I’m UNIQ Christmas Pack

Polo shirt / beach towel / black wristband M / white wristband M / Women’s (UNISEX) fragrance of your choice / 5 pens / Diamonds 
Discounted price: 63eur