Conditions for ordering.

General conditions for the membership in the Uniq Club 
The condition for the membership in the Uniq Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) and drawing from benefits which are related to the membership is the Applicant´s consent with these General conditions for the membership in the Club (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions of the membership”), Ethics code and with the Marketing plan. The applicant for the membership in the Club is a natural or legal person who intends to be a member of the Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Applicant”). A member of the Club is any legal or natural person who received a member number, password and made an activation or was registered as a Member of the Club based on the Application for the Club in a printed form (hereinafter referred to as “the Club member”). UNIQ COSMETICS Czech s.r.o., registered office: 994, Kyje, 198 00 Prague 9, Company Identification No.: 04210611, incorporated in the Companies Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, File C, Insert 243571 (hereinafter referred to as “UNIQ COSMETICS Czech”), established and runs the Club. 
(1) The Club member enters the Club in order to gain advantages which the Club provides to its members, i.e. mainly discounts for cosmetic and other products offered by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech reserves a right to determine products and services which sale and provision falls within the Club program. 

(2) The membership in the Club is for free.  

(3) A Club member can be any natural as well as legal person. In case the Applicant is a natural person younger than 18, his/her legal representative shall ask for the membership in the Club. However, a person younger than 15 cannot become a Club member. Based on the request of a legal representative and an agreement with UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, it is possible that the legal representative will be considered as a contact person up to the time when the represented person will be adult. Any person may be a Club member only once and the membership in the Club is not transferable to another person. 

(4) The Applicant shall send UNIQ COSMETICS Czech a filled form with his/her personal data, which is available on websites: (hereinafter referred to as “the Application for the Club”) and confirm his/her consent with the Ethics code, Marketing plan and processing of personal data. The Applicant may fill in the Application for the Club also in a printed form and confirm his/her consent with the Ethics code, Marketing plan and processing of personal data with his/her signature. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech shall confirm the acceptance of the Application for the Club (accepts the Applicant´s Application for the Club) and send the Applicant an email about the membership, containing a unique member number, password and activation link. By clicking on the activation link, the Applicant becomes a Club member. Any Club member is entitled to change the assigned password at once. The member number is assigned to a Club member permanently and may be changed only with the consent of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech. In case of the Application for the Club in a printed form, the assignment of a member number and password to the Applicant is considered as the moment when the membership is established. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is not responsible for the filled printed Application for the Club (mainly disclosure of data mentioned there) if it is not under its command (reach), i.e. if it was handed to the third party for purpose of its delivery to UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.   

(5) UNIQ COSMETICS Czech reserves a right not to accept (deny) the Application for the Club without giving a reason, mainly in case that it is an Application for the Club which is insufficiently or unreadably filled in, unsigned or it is an Application of a person who is already a Club member or was disqualified from the Club.  

(6) Each Club member may receive only one member number. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is not responsible for any damages caused by the fact that a Club member discloses or enables the third party the access to his/her member number or password in another way. Any Club member is obliged to inform immediately UNIQ COSMETICS Czech about any change of his/her personal data mentioned in the Application for the Club. In case the Club member does not meet this obligation, UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is not responsible for possible delay or insufficiencies in the activity, caused by no on-time update of personal data of the Club member. 

(7) The Club member is obliged to activate own account in the UNIQ System within thirty (30) days after receiving these Conditions of the membership (hereinafter referred to as “the Period for the account activation”). The UNIQ System is a non-public part of websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, available at the address:, which is accessible only after the registration and subsequent login and which enables the effective cooperation between UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, distributors and Club members (hereinafter referred to as “the UNIQ System”). The account activation proceeds so that the Club member registers himself/herself in the UNIQ System and subsequently activates his/her account in the UNIQ System via a link which was sent automatically via email and then registers other Club members or distributors on own behalf. 

(8) UNIQ COSMETICS Czech calls the Club member via electronic communication means (email) three (3) days before the end of the Period for the account activation to activate the account whereas the Club member will be enabled to activate the account within five (5) days after the delivery of that call. If the Club member does not activate the account within the above mentioned period or within the additional period, the Club member will be deleted from the UNIQ System and disqualified also from the Club. If the Club member has already registered another member or distributor, such a member or distributor will be shifted one place (1) higher according to the structure of a Marketing plan and will gain all the benefits arising from it in case the Club member is deleted. 
(9) The Club member undertakes to take from UNIQ COSMETICS Czech products with the total value of 20 credits per each calendar year according to the credit evaluation of products stipulated by the Marketing plan (hereinafter referred to as “the Minimum demand”). The period of one calendar year is calculated from the moment when the account of the Club member is activated in the UNIQ System. 

(10) If the Club member does not meet conditions of the Minimum demand within the given calendar year, UNIQ COSMETICS Czech will warn the Club member of this fact via electronic communication means (email) within 11th or 12th month after the account activation in the UNIQ System. The information that the given Club member does not meet the Minimum demand will be available also to other members of the network as defined by the Marketing plan. If the Club member does not meet the Minimum demand for the given calendar year even within the additional period of three (3) calendar days of a year following the year when the Club member did not meet the Minimum demand, he/she will be deleted from the UNIQ System and disqualified from the Club. If the Club member has already registered another member of distributor, such a member or distributor will be shifted one place (1) higher according to the structure of a Marketing plan and will gain all the benefits arising from it in case the Club member is deleted. 

(11) With the membership in the Club the Club member expresses the consent with the Ethics code and Marketing plan which are submitted to the Applicant even before the entry to the Club together with these Conditions of the membership (hereinafter referred to as “the Ethics code” or “the Marketing plan”). The Ethics code may influence the expiration of the membership in case the Club member acts in conflict with the Ethics code. Acting in conflict with the Ethics code is considered as acting in conflict with Conditions of the Club membership. 

(12) The contracting parties agree that UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is entitled to change Conditions of the membership unilaterally and adequately without having the obligation to announce such a change directly to the Club member. Any change of Conditions of the membership is effective as of a day of its publication on websites Conditions may be inspected also in the registered office of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech based on a request. The Club member undertakes to acquaint individually with possible changes of Conditions. 

(13) In case the Club member receives from UNIQ COSMETICS Czech any benefit which is subject to the taxation according to the Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes, or to another similar legal regulation, the Club member is aware of the fact that UNIQ COSMETICS Czech did not assess that benefit and the taxation of a benefit (mainly received cash) shall be made by the Club member according to the Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes.

(14) The Club member is not entitled to assign or transfer the Club membership or any rights and obligations arising from it without a prior written consent of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is entitled to assign and transfer the administrator´s activity of the Club or any rights and obligations arising from the position of an administrator and founder of the Club without a prior consent of the Club member. 

(15) The Club membership expires: (a) when the Club expires; (b) by an agreement; (c) if the Club member is disqualified by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech; (d) based on a request of the Club member for termination of the Club membership. 
(16) UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is entitled to disqualify the Club member if: a) the Club member breaches/does not meet these Conditions of the membership or the Ethics code or Marketing plan; (b) the Club member stated untrue data in the Application or submitted or filled the Application on behalf of another person; (c) the Club member revoked his/her consent with processing of own personal data which stating in the Application is obligatory and which processing is necessary for management of the Club member´s account, or does not agree with the scope of processing the personal data; (d) the Club member did not activate the account within the Period for the account activation; (e) the Club member did not meet the Minimum demand for the given calendar year. The disqualification of the Club member is effective as of the moment of his/her deletion from the UNIQ System. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech as an operator of the Club shall inform the disqualified Club member about this fact without undue delay.  

(17) The Club member is entitled to submit anytime an application for termination of the Club membership without giving a reason. The application for termination of the Club membership may be submitted only in writing. The termination of the Club membership is effective as of the moment when the Club member is deleted from the evidence of Club members. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech as an operator of the Club shall inform the disqualified Club member about this fact without undue delay. 

(18) If the Club member was disqualified or submitted an application for termination of the Club membership, he/she is not allowed to apply again for the Club membership within following 6 months. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech reserves a right to deny such an Applicant also after the end of this period. 

(19) The fact that UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and the Club member concluded a distribution or any other similar agreement on cooperation is considered as expiration of the Club membership. In such a case the membership expires as of the moment when such an agreement is concluded. The Club membership expires also due to death of the Club member.  

(20) If the reason of invalidity concerns only some provisions of these Conditions of the membership, only such a provision is invalid if it does not imply from its nature or content or circumstances, under which it was agreed, that it may not be separated from the remaining content of Conditions of the membership.  

(21) UNIQ COSMETICS Czech s.r.o. reserves a right to interrupt or terminate the Club´s activity anytime. In case the Club´s activity is interrupted or terminated, UNIQ COSMETICS Czech s.r.o. is obliged to inform about it on its website and also at the address of its registered office.  Any claims on discounts or other benefits are not enforceable by law for the Club member. 

(22) By signing these Conditions of the membership or by filling a questionnaire published on websites (the Application for the Club), the Applicant expresses the consent with processing of all provided personal data by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, which is an administrator, in accordance with the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Protection of Personal Data, and with its subsequent processing (eventually also via a processer). The Club member agrees also with processing of mentioned personal data for marketing purposes of the administrator, i.e. sending of information about organized actions and other activities as well se sending of business messages via electronic means according to the Act No. 480/2004 Coll., provided that also other data may be added to this data. The Club member grants that consent voluntarily for an indefinite period but may revoke it anytime in writing at the administrator´s address. 

(23) The Applicant expresses the consent with publication of personal data in the database of Club members, which is available also to other registered Club members. In case the Club member expresses a disagreement, he/she will be stated in the above mentioned database only under his/her member number. 

These business terms and conditions are valid as of 1st September 2015

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