Ethics code

Ethical values are not only an empty term for us but also a basic pillar of our existence. Ethical values undertake us and therefore it is important to regard each our act even by their means. We expect the same procedure also from you – Members of the UNIQ Club and Distributors. This is the only way to achieve our common goal which is the effort to gain confidence in the UNIQ trademark and its permanent deepening. We are aware of the fact that gaining of the confidence is not easy and it is a result of a long-term activity and permanent values. We try to be your example and offer our products and services in the top quality. However, it is you who give the UNIQ trademark your face when selling our products and services, and who is a carrier of its values. We entrust you our confidence in you. Nevertheless, it is unacceptable for us to weaken the confidence and UNIQ values. Therefore, we prepared for you this Ethics code. We are fully aware of the fact that “Life and trust can be lost only once.” Publilius Syrus.

Definition of terms

This ethics code (hereinafter referred to as “the Ethics code”) concerns all Members of the UNIQ Club without any exception, i.e. persons who accepted Conditions of the membership in the UNIQ Club, and Distributors, i.e. persons who concluded a Distributor agreement with UNIQ COSMETICS Czech. For simplification and for purpose of this Ethics code, the term “Persons of the UNIQ System” is used for Members of the UNIQ Club and Distributors.  

The UNIQ System means in this Ethics code mainly: UNIQ Club, Conditions of the membership in the UNIQ Club, Distributor agreement, rules, structure and functioning of the internal organization of Persons in the UNIQ System, i.e. sponsorship and levels of remuneration according to the Marketing plan, Trade network, overview of procedures and strategies which govern trading with Products, websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and their functions available only to Persons of the UNIQ System after login (private zone), etc. (hereinafter referred to as “the UNIQ System”). 

The Trade network means in this Ethics code the Persons of the UNIQ System, who are registered under a Person of the UNIQUE System, who is their sponsor (hereinafter referred to as “the Trade network”). 

Products mean in this Ethics code a collective identification of all products (goods and services) which UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is able and ready to offer for sale to Persons of the UNIQ System for purpose of the sale to the third party or for own needs of Persons of the UNIQ System (hereinafter referred to as “Products”). 

The “UNIQ” Trademark means not only a logo and brand “UNIQ” which is registered as a trademark but also the fact how the third party (mainly customers) perceives the “UNIQ” trademark and how they identify with Products which are produced in terms of the given trademark and eventually which service is provided to the third party (hereinafter referred to as “the Trademark”).

Websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech mean the website:

If not stated otherwise in the Ethics code, all terms with a capital letter at the beginning used in this Ethics code have the same meaning as in Conditions of the membership in the UNIQ Club and/or in a Distributor agreement.  

The Ethics code describes principles of conduct which UNIQ COSMETICS Czech expects from all Persons of the UNIQ System and which the Persons of the UNIQ System are obliged to observe.


I. Relationship between Persons of the UNIQ System and UNIQ COSMETICS Czech 


  1. The relationships between Persons of the UNIQ System and UNIQ COSMETICS Czech shall be based on voluntary cooperation, mutual trust, honesty, loyalty and care for good name of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and Products. A Person of the UNIQ System acts always honestly and with respect to legitimate interests of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.

  2. Persons of the UNIQ System shall refrain from any activity which would damage or only threaten the good name of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, UNIQ Trademark or Products or the confidence in them.

  3. Persons of the UNIQ System shall not distribute any untrue, misleading or otherwise distorted data about UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, UNIQ Trademark or Products.
    According to their possibilities, Persons of the UNIQ System shall take part in actions organized by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and try to be a sample for their Trade network.

  4. Nobody may be registered as a Person of the UNIQ System more than once. Other persons including close relatives and friends, husbands, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, persons in a relationship similar to adoption or unmarried partners are registered separately as Members of the UNIQ Club or Distributors only on their name and gain their own personal data of a Person of the UNIQ System.

  5. Persons of the UNIQ System shall not act unfairly or unlawfully with the target to increase their credit profit and gain so an unauthorized claim on a commission and other benefits. Persons of the UNIQ System shall not mainly increase the number of credits so that they do not take delivery of Products which they ordered.

  6. Exclusively the Products of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech may be offered in the UNIQ System.

  7. Persons of the UNIQ System are forbidden to sell products or services of other companies via other Persons of the UNIQ System.

II. Relationships between Persons of the UNIQ System and other Persons of the UNIQ System 

  1. Mutual relationships between Persons of the UNIQ System shall be based on mutual respect and trust. Persons of the UNIQ System act always with respect to UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and other Persons of the UNIQ System.

  2. Persons of the UNIQ System provide other Persons of the UNIQ System only with true information.

  3. Persons of the UNIQ System lead other Persons of the UNIQ network (mainly own Trade network) to increase personal development, professionality, and are their example of it.

  4. Persons of the UNIQ System do not resort to manipulation, demagogy and other unfair business practices.

  5. Persons of the UNIQ System do not slander or decrease the trustfulness of other Persons of the UNIQ System in another way.

  6. It is possible to change a sponsor only with a consent of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and the application shall be submitted in a defined form which UNIQ COSMETICS Czech shall send if asked for it, or the applicant for the change of a sponsor shall ensure it on its own.

  7. Persons of the UNIQ System shall not exert directly or indirectly any activity which goal is to persuade a Person of the UNIQ System being active in the given group (Trade network) to start being active in another group (Trade network) or to stop being active in its present group (Trade network).

  8. In case of any disputes or ambiguities in the relationship among Persons of the UNIQ System, Persons of the UNIQ System search always for a peaceful settlement. If it is obvious that Persons of the UNIQ System did not agree peacefully or the ambiguity was not settled, they shall submit the issue to UNIQ COSMETICS Czech which shall settle it. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is led by its efforts to settle peacefully or explain clearly any ambiguities. The decision of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is binding for all Persons of the UNIQ System.  

III. Relationships of Persons of the UNIQ System towards the third party (mainly to customers)  

  1. Persons of the UNIQ System are not entitled to create or evoke an impression they are employed by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech or that they represent UNIQ COSMETICS Czech in another way. All Persons of the UNIQ System run their activity independently of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.

  2. Persons of the UNIQ System may use only such advertisement or promotional materials or sales channels and tools which are approved in advance by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.

  3. Persons of the UNIQ System undertake to mention only true and complete statements about Products, which will not be anyhow in conflict with statutory provisions when presenting products and services of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech. Persons of the UNIQ System use mainly statements contained in promotion materials, catalogues and other official publications issued by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech or contained on official websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.  

  4. When recruiting and sponsoring new Persons of the UNIQ System it is not allowed to use unfair, fraudulent or misleading practices. It is mainly considered as unacceptable when Persons of the UNIQ System persuade anybody to become a Member of the UNIQ Club or a Distributor based on misleading statements about profits or other benefits which UNIQ COSMETICS Czech provides to Persons of the UNIQ System. On the other hand, it is always necessary to warn possible applicants that the level of success within the UNIQ System is always adequate to their diligence, determination and achieved results.

  5. Persons of the UNIQ System shall not express themselves pejoratively (or in another way which decreases the reputation) about UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, UNIQ Trademark or Products. It is expected from Persons of the UNIQ System to act in accordance with the values of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech, to which loyalty and team spirit belong too.

  6. Persons of the UNIQ System are obliged to offer Products for prices which correspond to the business strategy of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and to the pricing of Products arising from it. The price of Products is an important part of the entire business strategy of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech and shall be adequate mainly to the fact that UNIQ COSMETICS Czech offers exclusively high-quality and luxurious Products for sale therefore the Products shall be sold for the price which respects their high quality, excusive and luxurious nature. Persons of the UNIQ System are expressly forbidden to offer Products for prices which would not correspond to the nature of Products as defined above.

  7. A person of the UNIQ System is obliged to keep confidentiality about the information available to it only after login on websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech (so-called private zone of the UNIQ System).

  8. It is forbidden to provide the third party with personal data to which the Person of the UNIQ System gained the access in connection with the membership in the UNIQ Club or with the Distributor´s activity in conflict with the valid legislation and appropriate documents, i.e. Conditions of the membership in the UNIQ Club, this Ethics code and Marketing plan, or to distribute such data.

  9. The login name and password for websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech (so-called private zone of the UNIQ System) are strictly private and shall not be announced to anybody.

  10. Persons of the UNIQ System are not entitled to use any materials protected with the copyright, trade names, identifications, trademarks for products or services which belong to intellectual property of any other entity, without the consent of such an entity. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech is not responsible for possible claims lodged against Persons of the UNIQ System in consequence of any breach of intellectual property rights of the third party.

  11. Persons of the UNIQ System are not entitled to use any other materials protected with the copyright, trade names, identifications, trademarks for Products, mainly in the address of own websites, email address, meta tags or in another locator of websites.  


 Direct sale 

  1. Persons of the UNIQ System sell Products mainly via direct sale which means the sale of Products outside the Trade network via a person presenting these Products directly to the third party (end customer). The direct sale takes place usually at customer´s home, in his workplace or elsewhere outside permanent selling points, and shall be accompanied with the presentation of Products and provision of suitable interpretation. The direct sale does not take place in places of organized sale such as stores, retail shops, distribution places, stalls, kiosks.

  2. In case of the direct sale, the Person of the UNIQ System sells Products in their original packaging and provides true information which shall be accurate and complete.

  3. Information is provided to the third party (customers) clearly and obviously; this rule is applied mainly for the information about price, way of payment, right to withdraw from a contract, warranty period and delivery terms. In case of the direct sale of Products, the Person of the UNIQ System is obliged to clarify the third party (customer) characteristics and way of using Products, and to enable the third party (customer) to ask questions concerning Products and their purchase, and to answer such questions clearly and exactly.

  4. In case of the direct sale of Products, the Person of the UNIQ System is obliged to acquaint the third party (customer) with its rights at least within the scope defined by the applicable legislation concerning the consumer protection.

  5. The Person of the UNIQ System shall not use any unfair, unreliable and forbidden advertisement.

  6. In case of any dispute with the third party, the Person of the UNIQ System is obliged to inform UNIQ COSMETICS Czech about this fact, mainly in order to find a solution for the incurred situation. 


Internet sale

  1. The sale of Products via websites is permitted only to Distributors with the consent of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.

  2. The Distributor is obliged to warn UNIQ COSMETICS Czech in writing in advance of the intention to sell Products via the website and to announce UNIQ COSMETICS Czech the website address (URL address) by means of which the Products will be sold.

  3. When preparing the website, any Distributor is obliged to use a template within the maximum possible extent, which UNIQ COSMETICS Czech shall provide for this purpose based on a written request.

  4. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech reserves a right to grant the Distributor its disagreement with the proposed/real content or form of the website any time before the website is launched or during its existence, due to any conflict with this Ethics code, Marketing plan or Distributor agreement. In such a case the Distributor is obliged to provide UNIQ COSMETICS Czech with all possible cooperation in order to solve particular ambiguities/conflicts concerning the content or form of the website. This fact does not affect the right of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech to denounce a Distributor agreement in case any provision of this Ethics code is breached.

  5. The Distributors are forbidden to use spams for the promotion of websites.

  6. The name of a website shall not contain the term “UNIQ” or any of its parts regardless small and big letters, which would represent the entire address of a website (URL address) such as, etc.

  7. The Distributors are forbidden to classify preferentially websites in a browser of “key words” or other internet services via paid services so that the searched words contain the name “UNIQ” or any of its parts regardless small and big letters such as „parfemy-uniq”, etc.

  8. Products may not be represented on websites which could invoke the impression of Products´ connection with another brand by means of their graphic style, domain name or the title itself, eventually which could invoke confusion.

  9. The websites shall contain the information, that they are partner websites and not official websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.

  10. The Distributor shall not present itself with superlatives such as the biggest, the best, the most favourite, etc.

  11. Websites shall not contain any data which is available only to Persons of the UNIQ System after login in websites of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech (so-called private zone of the UNIQ System).

  12. Websites shall not contain any untrue and misleading information about UNIQ COSMETICS Czech or products of UNIQ COSMETICS Czech.

  13. Websites shall not contain (display) any internet auctions or reference to them.

  14. The design of websites shall follow the following rules:

    a) web (presentation) heading - shall contain a clear identification of the member (name and surname or company name, member number)
    b) logo – only official logos supplied by UNIQ COSMETICS
    c) pictures of products supplied by UNIQ COSMETICS
    d) may contain pictures and videos which are available for downloading on websites of UNIQ COSMETICS – in case they do not include the third party.  

  15. The above mentioned rules shall be applied also to all printed presentations as well as online presentations, e.g. leaflets, printed advertising, internet advertisement, social networks, catalogues, auction and discount portals and other similar cases of promotion. 

IV. Sanctions 

  1. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech s.r.o. will deal with any breach of this Ethics code in a way which it considers as appropriate for fair and adequate negotiation.

  2. Any breach of this Ethics code is considered by UNIQ COSMETICS Czech s.r.o. as a breach of contractual provisions and may lead up to the disqualification of a Member of the UNIQ Club from the UNIQ Club or to the termination of a Distribution agreement.

  3. UNIQ COSMETICS Czech s.r.o. may also demand compensation from a person who breached/breaches this Ethics code.

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