How does this work?

You’re the one who’s in charge of your time; the one deciding with whom you’re going to be working; the one to determine what success means and how to implement your plan in a way that’s the most advantageous to you. All of this is possible due to the system employed by UNIQ COSMETICS – Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

is a type of direct selling that doesn’t rely on traditional business methods. The MLM business strategy is based on a direct contact with customers, which dramatically shortens the distance between a manufacturer and a customer. Partners can offer their customers attractive and unique goods that are not available in traditional stores. Direct selling, a part of the MLM system, is a system of selling well-established around the world. Revenues from the MLM business strategy reach 20 billion euro in the European Union only.

UNIQ COSMETICS, a company which employs the MLM strategy, provides you with many opportunities – choose the one that suits you the most.

Cheaper shopping

Our offer is greatly advantageous due to the fact that it contains products of daily use, such as perfumes, body care products and others. Members of the UNIQ club have a chance to buy UNIQ COSMETICS products at lower prices, and thus save on their purchase.

Recommend us and sell to others

After you witness the quality of our products for yourself, you can recommend them to people around you. Finding a customer is very easy. Because you buy products at a discount as a distributor, the difference between prices – the profit – remains in your pocket.

Be a leader! Build your own distribution network.

Create your own distribution network in order to have better financial results. Building a network means nothing more than supporting new partners, so that they do the same thing as you – buy the UNIQ COSMETICS products. Thus, you become a leader. Apart from the commission for your own purchases, you’ll be getting commissions for purchases made by your group if each member reaches a certain level. All of you work together in order to succeed as one.

MLM is your financial oportunity

Your profit comes from selling goods and services, not from the contributions of other members.

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