UNIQ COSMETICS provides you with a one and only opportunity to start doing business in distribution, at no financial risk. You yourself decide how much time you’ll be devoting to the business and how far you’ll get, while receiving support from us along the way.


Earn money

Do you dream of earning an income that would make it possible to spend more time with your friends and family? Do you want to live a lifestyle full of freedom, luxury, rewards, and recognition of your professional expertise? 

Have fun

As a member of the UNIQ team, you have a chance to meet people who share your interests. Plus you’ll receive valuable advice and support from those who already conduct a successful business.

Buy at a 30 % discount

Members of the UNIQ team buy all their products at a 30 % discount. Therefore, you can make not only yourself, but also your loved ones happy, and save a lot of money doing it.

Benefit program

Would you like to go on a dreamy vacation completely free of charge? Would you like to ride in a luxury limousine? The best members of our team can look forward to a wide array of benefits. 

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