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UNIQ No 12

Inspired by the city of Athens
Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece as a celebration of the life and the beauty of the human body. Fragrant bowls full of flowery scents decorated ancient palaces of Athens and gave magical atmosphere to this city. As well as fragrance UNIQ No 12 does, which is interwoven with flowery tones. This fragrance was developed for the exceptionally beautiful curves of female body that can be seen in ancient statues that grace the Greek metropolitan of Athens. Fragrance UNIQ No 12 is suitable for any mood and can even turn regular day into an exceptional one.

Magic fragrance interlaced with light flowery notes of spring. It expresses the pure joy of life. The intoxicant sweet essence developed for an exceptional woman. It is suitable for daily use.

TOP/HEAD Sicilian lemon, white lilac MIDDLE/HEART wisteria blossoms, green tea leaves, peach blossom, peony BASE white cedar, musk, amber

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