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UNIQ No 14

UNIQ No 14

Inspired by Rome
The Eternal City is the nick name of Italian metropolis; it combines fashion, beauty, culture and awesome historical monuments. The Colosseum is the landmark of Rome and it was the scene for gladiator games, fights with wild animals, reconstruction of famous battles and also for performances of classical mythology. As ancient Colosseum would so fragrance UNIQ no. 14 can make you colossally calm and relaxed or it can release unknown potential. This ambergris, woody, flowery and fruity fragrance will create the feeling of perfect personal harmony. Fragrance UNIQ no. 14 is ideal for summer days full of sunshine.

A scent of freedom, nature and unexpected possibilities. Sweet, but fresh. Mild, but distinctive. Calming, but challenging. It creates a feeling of perfect harmony. It is suitable for daily use, preferably in summer.

TOP/HEAD lemon, fruity notes  MIDDLE/HEART jasmine, green notes, sea water chord BASE musk, sandalwood

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