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UNIQ No 38


Inspired by Lyon

The French city of Lyon with a long history dating back to 43 B.C. used to be the capital of ancient Gaul. The importance of the city has not diminished over time and it has become a major cultural and trade center. The greatest wealth of Lyon is associated with silk that started to be made here in the 16th century. In Lyon, you can also find Parc de la Tête d'Or, the largest park in France that resembles a blooming garden full of beautiful scents. The same sensation is evoked by floral fragrance UNIQ No. 38 with a fine hint of vanilla. This fragrance is open-minded and evokes a feeling of ultimate freedom. Fragrance UNIQ No. 38 is meant for elegant women who possess a great deal of charm.

The discrete scent will provide you will an all-day feeling of protection. I will be your side, you can rely on me, I am your partner for the entire day – the fragrance says. It will be like the shoulder you can lean on when you need help. You will be protected, untouchable and free at the same time. With this fragrance, the world will accept you; you do not have to fight and you can keep your elegant grace.

HEAD: Mandarin, orange blossom, lime leaves
HEART: Absolute of jasmine, rose
BASE: Vanilla bean, tonka bean, sandalwood, cedar, musks                                                                                                                                                                                                                             




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