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UNIQ No 40

Inspirated by Beirut

The name of the Lebanese city of Beirut means “a well” and it was coined by the ancient Phoenicians. Today's Beirut has the same sinuous shape of streets as in the ancient times. There are historical sites all over the city. And you can still smell the same fragrance in the air—ancient, oriental, intoxicating. There even hovers a remembrance of Cedars of Lebanon, so much praised in the ancient times. We introduce the UNIQ No. 40 perfume. It’s here! For women shrouded in mystery, who want to dream their oriental dream, but do not reveal their veil to everyone. For unique and proud women.

HEAD: osmanthus, bergamot, mandarin  
HEART: orange blossom, rose, patchouli
BASE: musk, amber, sandalwood, vanilla                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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