UNIQ No 43

UNIQ No 43

Inspired by Kyoto

In the west of Honshu, among the hillsides, lies ancient and noble Kyoto city. It is the embodiment of Japanese ceremoniousness and refinement. There is a lot to see there: more than 2,000 shrines and temples, 3 palaces, dozens of gardens and museums.
You can spend years in Kyoto, but there will still be something new to discover. And the same goes for this delicate and fine perfume UNIQ 43. Its captivating fineness would certainly be pleasant to the exquisite taste of Japanese empresses and princesses. Be embraced by the fragrant fineness with the scent of kiwi in a Japanese garden – the day is waking up, the garden is waking up and your skin smells pleasantly in the rays of the rising sun.

HEAD: Peruvian pepper, kiwi, apricot, rhubarb
HEART: jasmine, cyclamen, melon
BASE: musk, sandalwood

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